Counselling For Issues Arising From Divorce

counselling divorce issues

Divorce Divorce can be extremely stressful, in fact from the results of research to find out the most stressful life experiences we can go through, divorce and marital separation rank 2nd and 3rd respectively on the Holmes And Rahe Stress Scale.  Sadly, the statistics are just as unpleasant, for example: 42% of marriages in England […]

Counselling For Family Issues

counselling family issues

Family Issues The old saying ‘you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family’ may conjure up a wry smile or a sigh of resignation in some, especially when they’ve hit a rocky patch in family life and are aware it’s a time to keep calm (or grit your teeth) and carry on. […]

Relationship Counselling

relationship counselling

Relationships When you first enter into a romantic relationship it can feel wonderful and exciting, full of fun as you go on dates together, getting to know each other and feeling hopeful as you grow to like each other more and more.  As the relationship progresses it may lead to further commitment such as moving […]

Happy Christmas?

counselling xmas stress

Happy Christmas? What do you first think of when you think about Christmas? Is it lots of fun with family and friends? Parties? Lots of nice food and drink? Gifts? Or is it more like ‘I’m dreading it’, ‘too much to do’ ‘how am I going to afford it?’ Whilst Christmas is traditionally meant to […]

Counselling for Domestic Violence

counselling domestic violence

Domestic Violence It would be lovely to think that behind every door in Britain there is a happy, relaxed atmosphere where people feel safe and loved and can find sanctuary from the outside world.  Sadly, the reality is too often very far from this and more people than we’d like to think are suffering domestic […]

How counselling can help with sexual abuse issues

Counselling sexual abuse staffordshire

Sexual Abuse Due to the revelations about Jimmy Savile that surfaced in 2012, and then the #MeToo Movement that hit the headlines in late 2017 following allegations of sexual abuse against Harvey Weinstein, the issue of sexual abuse has become much more widely talked about, and as a result more people have found the courage […]

Dealing with Emotional Abuse

Counselling emotional abuse

Emotional Abuse Emotional abuse (also known as psychological abuse) is a terrible thing to go through and can have a lasting impact.  It can cause trauma, stress, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety, depression and even suicide.  However, emotional abuse is often more subtle and insidious than physical abuse, and as a result people who […]

Dealing with Physical Abuse

counselling physical abuse

Physical Abuse Physical abuse can be defined as any deliberate behaviour that causes injury or trauma to someone through bodily contact. Whilst you may think that being on the receiving end of such violence would automatically cause a person to find a way of escape in order to protect themselves, unfortunately it doesn’t always work […]

How counselling can help with self harming issues

Counselling self harm staffordshire

Self-Harm Self-harm could be defined as an outward expression of an inward struggle. That struggle might be unbearable stress and tension that is so psychologically painful that the only way to lessen it is to cause physical pain, which will distract the sufferer for a time, distraction from the emotional distress caused by issues such […]

Can Counselling Help To Build Self-Confidence?

building self confidence

Do you find yourself dismissing opportunities because you don’t think you’re good enough? Or feel that you must work very hard to get people’s approval? Do you shrink back from saying what you think or speaking in front of others? It may feel like there’s a little devil on your shoulder that always points out […]