Personality Clash

Personality clash

Ever wondered why your partner doesn’t behave in the same way you do? Does it wind you up that they insist on chit-chatting all day and want to offload their thoughts while you just want some peace and quiet to reflect on your own thoughts and feelings? Does it drive you mad that your partner […]

Tired of the Drama?

Tired of the Drama - blog

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I value a great deal in my life is peace. I like it when life is peaceful and I’m enjoying healthy relations with all my family and friends. I find it quite stressful when that peace is disturbed, and I recognized, quite a while ago, […]

A Safe Haven

A Safe Haven

TO SAY THAT LIFE CAN BE HARD IS, ADMITTEDLY, A BIG UNDERSTATEMENT. There are so many difficulties that life can throw at us, often without warning and sometimes through no fault of our own. For this reason, we all need a safe haven, a place that we can retreat to, to unwind, express our true […]

The Languages of Love

Love languages

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so I thought I’d share a blog all about love. Having said that, I’m conscious I may be giving the impression this is aimed solely at couples, and whilst what I’m about to share is very useful for them, it’s also useful for absolutely everyone, because it’s about the giving […]

Why Should I Forgive?

Why should I forgive blog

I wonder what you think about the concept of ‘forgiveness’? The reason I ask is because I talk quite a lot about forgiveness in my work as a counsellor and I find that how I see forgiveness is often quite different from my clients. For some it means letting someone off the hook, for another […]

The Uncomfortable Comfort Zone

Uncomfortable comfort zone

OK, so I’ve got a feeling you’re wondering how a comfort zone can be uncomfortable – ‘surely that’s a contradiction in terms Bethany’ I hear you say. Well, when written down in black and white on a piece of paper then logically it is, but emotionally it definitely isn’t, and I’m often talking about this […]

Communication in Relationships

Communication in relationships

Valentine’s Day is upon us, so I thought it appropriate to write a blog looking at the subject of relationships, and what keeps them healthy and happy. Now of course, I’m fairly confident that you might be thinking, ‘surely love is what keeps a relationship strong’… and you’d be absolutely right, but as a couple’s […]

Self Compassion

Counselling for self compassion

When you’ve made a mistake, failed at something or are generally struggling, do you tend to get annoyed with yourself and mentally beat yourself up? Or do you give yourself a break and recognise it’s ok not to be on top form at the moment? For some, being kind to themselves is a difficult thing, […]